Awala Juice (750ml)




Awala Juice(Amla Juice):

Product Description: Amla Juice possesses high level of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. This juice is extracted from fresh Amla and no sugar is added to it. Given the incredible range of nutrients and anti-oxidants, it is increasing in popularity.

Health Benefits:
• Treats cold and cough.
• Improves respiratory health.
• Lowers cholesterol levels.
• Controls diabetes.
• Aids in digestion.
• Promotes liver function.
• Prevents Aging.
• Skin care.
• Improves heart health.
• Boosts immunity.
• Prevents cancer.
• Hair health.
• Weight loss.

Ingredients: Amla juice.
Contains permitted class II preservatives.

Shelf Life: 8 Months.


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